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SRB Quark SG
Safe to fly, Easy to fly, Fun to fly !

Surprisingly stable and agile at the same time

Coming soon

Feature   Technical Specification
1. Rotor head / stabilizer

Bell / Hiller collective pitch rotor head. The stabilizer is tilted 45°against main rotor, resulting in very stable and easy control. (International patent pending)
Stabilizer blades are made of soft rubber material, which can absorb shock. Blades are wider than SRB Quark.

2. Direct tail motor / tail blade

Brushless motor improves durability. Tail is directly driven for smooth run without power loss and much noise. Tail blade is same as SRB Quark.

3. Main blade

Foam main blades for maximum safety. The new blades are larger and thicker than SRB Quark blades. They can perform basic 3D acrobatics while minimizing crash damages.

4. Control unit / gyro sensor

Receiver, gyro, ESC are included in all in one unit with idle up mode. This is only for SRB SG and cannot be used for SRB Quark. High performance gyro sensor has lesser effect from heat and can match performance of higher end helicopters.

5. Lithium polymer battery>

3 cell 11.1V battery adopted and enables more powerful flight to new SG.
Charger with balance charge function is included in the set.

6. SWM linkage

Linkage is changed to 3 servo SWM with collective pitch. Frame is also newly designed.

7. Cabin

Same cabin as SRB Quark. Decal is newly redesigned (One sheet includes 2 different color pattern)

8. LED light

LED light is moved to the rear side, so pilots can see and check LED during flight. When battery power is running low, LED starts blinking in orange, indicating the SG is entering fail safe. it can prevent sudden loss of control and crash from empty battery.

  • Length: 361mm
  • Width: 72.5mm
  • Height: 146mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Gear ratio: 74:14

  • Main blade diameter: 373mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 106mm
  • Battery: 11.1V480mAh

  • ¡½Recommended

  • Intermediate pilots (with experience of SRB Quark or other indoor models)
    For practicing outdoor flight
  • Expert pilots (with nitro/electric bigger helicopter experience)
    For second helicopter for easy flight

  • ¡½Lineup

    Full set

    Transmitter less model

    ¡½Not included in sets

  • Phillips screwdriver No.0
  • Thread locker


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